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Case Study

Andrews Computer services based in Hemel Hempstead are a long established family run business. Their core objectives were to ensure they had a website that would appeal to the local business of Hertfordshire.

From a return on investment they wanted to grow their client base steadily and attract clients who were them self’s growing and they would need help over the coming years with their IT infrastructure.

This site has a number of key functionalities such as:

Add more pages
Add case studies & reviews
Assign case studies and reviews to relevant product pages
Change the navigation
Add sub pages
Display video
Add product Brochure

And much much more, over all we were asked to deliver a site that could be managed entirely by the client so any ongoing cost were non-existent.

In addition to building a website we were also asked to deliver a local SEO program, this program was revolved around 4 key phrases which were popular and relevant for Andrews needs. We then choose 5 areas within Hertfordshire and optimised these.

We are pleased to say that all have performed , the website traffic has almost double in the last 12 months but most importantly grown the number of new clients.

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