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Website planning Cambridge

Recently I have talking to experienced marketers and business coaches. Part of those discussions are related to selling the concept of why someone needs a new website to optimise in the Cambridge market place.
How do you sell the concept, how do you convey that a website that they might of had for 2 / 3 years or built them selfs needs to change ! It’s vey easy to offend some one and basically say your site looks bad and is built like a bag of nails!!!
The idea is a simple one, instead of trying to sell your services , give free advice on the following, web design, navigation, SEO , article marketing and general hints and tips.
What you will find, is that people will try them selfs. What people will soon realise is that they don’t have the time or knowledge to build a website that is SEO ready , can clearly captivate interest from end users or now build the site with aggregated news feeds that will update all your social media at once, making your website the central hub for all your unique content!
The web design,SEO and social media Market place moves to quickly even fie us sometimes!
My advice is simple get a firm that can clearly demonstrate there ability to perform in web design, SEO & social media. Do that and you will reap the rewards!

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