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Surfing in Newquay

Well this weekend was very different from designing websites in Cambridge! I went surfing in Newquay, it was my very first time and I must admit I completely loved it!
In a moment of clarity I teased my self with living a different life from designing e commerce websites that are ready for national or regional SEO traveling to and from cambridge. Imagine living a sun kissed life in California with washboard abs and friends a plenty! I defiantly had some great views whilst on the beach !
As I said I teased my self with this fun filled life with great views, how could I make this happen?
I run my own business so I have to make it work, apart from picking up the phone and cold calling I have to have an SEO program, I have to get my SEO in Cambridge spot on , the websites in Cambridge have to be the best & I have to hit the phones!
Most of my clients don’t have links between there personal aspirations with business growth.
In all my years the best Website and SEO programs have been built with revenue and personal motivation in mind.
The answer ? Who knows!!!! Just keep dreaming , keep surfing and make sure if your a small business needing a website or SEO in Cambridge make sure it has a financial and personal goal behind it!

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