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How Can Quality Website Design Benefit a Small Business?

As a business in 2012, it is more important than ever to ensure that you are taking advantage of every commercial opportunity available to you, and with this in mind, there are few businesses around nowadays that don’t realise the importance of having a web presence. However, what not as many of them realise is quite how important the design of that website is, as the internet is awash with ugly sites that are not at all user-friendly. At Brighter Media we are passionate about helping businesses reap the benefits of quality web design in Milton Keynes, Cambridge, Watford and Oxford, so read on to discover exactly what a well-made website will offer you.

First Impressions Count

When you look at the statistics for the average amount of time users spend on websites you will be staggered by the results. A five minute stay on a website is considered a long time in the industry, and many of the people that visit your page will leave after less than a minute.
Users take around 10-20 seconds when they first click onto a website to decide whether they are going to stay on it, and if you’re page is unattractive and disorganised it will make them far less inclined to stick around. By implementing an appealing home page you will be significantly improving the chance of users staying on your site, and with it the chance of them buying your service!

An Effective User-Journey

One of the most important elements of your website will be the user-journey, that is, the path your website takes your customers on – from coming onto your website, to browsing products, through to sale.
A poorly set out user-journey will not only frustrate your customers, but will also significantly affect your website’s profitability. By utilising our professional web design services you can help to make sure that your web page does as much as possible to elicit a purchase from the user.
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