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Don’t Think You Need SEO? Here’s Why You’re Wrong

Dont Think you need SEO 1

Dealing with customers on a day-to-day basis they regularly ask us why their business needs SEO. Some company owners even tell us that SEO isn’t for them anyway. Here at Brighter Media however, we believe that SEO can work for everybody.

“I’m just a small business and all of my custom is from word of mouth”

If you’re getting plenty of business from recommendations and word of mouth then that’s great, but the reason that is the only source of custom may be because you don’t have SEO.

You could be missing out on thousands of pounds worth of work because you do not appear in the search results pages for key phrases related to the services or products that you offer.

Let’s say you’re a locksmith serving East London. There are going to be thousands of households in your locality that aren’t aware of you, or any other locksmith for that matter, and in the event of them needing one they may search for ‘locksmith East London’ on their smart phone. If you don’t have SEO these people are simply never going to find you.

Dont Think you need SEO 2

“We already rank for our company name”

If you appear in the SERPs for your company name then that’s always a good thing, but then the majority of your potential customers aren’t going to be searching for you by your company name, while those that do have probably used your services in the past anyway. Put simply, ranking for your company name is never going to bring you new business.

The good news is that if you are ranking for your company name your website probably has a decent level of authority already in place that we can use as a strong foundation for working on key phrases related to your products or services.

“SEO doesn’t work anyway”

This is a claim we hear a lot from customers who simply don’t believe in SEO’s effectiveness. However at Brighter Media we have a huge customer base of delighted business owners who are profiting from the SEO we have implemented for them.

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