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Diary of a website salesman 2

I have received a number of positive comments about this blog title so a big thanks to all!
Over the last 6 to 8 weeks I have been critical about me! Am I doing my job properly ? Am I converting my leads? Am I managing my staff properly ? Am I looking after my existing clients?
Erm I think so! It’s hard working selling websites and SEO in Cambridge! When I was full time employed everything was on a plate and looking back it was very easy!
Although this is hard work I can feel my abilities and overall commercial knowledge has grown. My listening skills have had to grow massively , understanding people gestures and body language in now essential! I can proudly say that if I was selling you a website or SEO in Cambridge with in 30 mins I could tell weather you going to do business!
What makes me laugh are the people who believe there going to do business or think there in a position to do business, I don’t understand why you would say you have the money and want to do business when you don’t! It must be they don’t like me and are being polite, do me a favour don’t be polite be real, if some one is selling to you then tell them your not interested, they really won’t mind and you will save everybody’s time!
This month has been good we have about 5 good quotes in the Market and we sold 4 decent website sales and achieved a great SEO retainer!
What I love about this job is when it works well and you get it right, you get repeat business and you get referrals and it make life a little easier !
All thought it’s been hard work and there is still plenty more to do , I’m enjoying my job. Last bit of advice , stay focused on your daily processes, set clear agendas and expectations with both staff and clients and most importantly believe in your self and what your doing ! It does not always run smoothly but you should always land on your feet!
Cheers David

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