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Buying SEO in Cambridge

Were guilty of forgetting that our clients no matter whom they are may not have the knowledge about webdesign or SEO. A number of my clients based in Cambridge will only be experiencing a top end website design with a SEO ready site for the first time. A number of these business have grown up with traditional forms of advertising such as directories or newspapers and have no concept of link building, article marketing,keyword placement or W3C compliancy. I find most people resistance is understanding of the new modern forms of advertising such as SEO, PPC etc ….
This is fine , i don’t mind spending time with clients and working with them to understand how to get the most of a website or SEO services , that’s why today I spent time with a client whom need that additional support from myself and my team to help them understand what they can expect over the next 4 months. Explaining how to use the news feed or explaining the purpose of an SEO consultant, you may think well why are you only doing that now? That’s the point this was in as many guises the 4th or 5th time.
Patients is needed with yourself and your clients , spending the time that is needed to deliver a good service can and will only benefit your long term SEO revenues, future development revenues and WOM.

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